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5 Summer Safety Strategies That Every Kid (& Parent) Should Know

Posted: January 30, 2017

Summer brings longer days and lots of free time for your kids (and less for parents).

Unfortunately during the summer break children are also more prone to peer pressure as well as being more vulnerable to fall victims to predators.

We want our children to put down the iPad and go outside and play, however kids today have to be much more alert then we had to be growing up. Just watching the local news is enough to terrify any parent concerned for their children safety. These are challenges that every parent faces, but by implementing some simple strategies we can feel much more confident about our children interacting with the real world.

Have you taught your children these basic strategies to help them make the right choices this summer?

Here are some essential safety tips every child should know:

1. Always keep a safe distance from the people you do not know;

This may seem like common sense, but in most child abduction cases the kids are lured close by a predator, and an essential thing they must know is to always keep enough distance from approaching cars or strangers asking questions.

2. Have a Safe House in the neighborhood they can run to where they can be safe;

Sometimes a child may find himself in a difficult or dangerous situation while not in the proximity of home. Have some safety points in the neighborhood such as friends houses or neighborhood business where the child can seek safety should he find himself in danger or needing help. 

3.Learn the Magic Word!

If a stranger approaches them, make sure they know to ask for the magic word The Magic Word is an essential Stranger Danger technique; If a stranger claims to have been sent by Mommy or Daddy, teach your child a magic word that only the two of you know; Teach your child to always ask strangers pretending to be friends if they know the magic word, and to run away and ask for help if not given.

4. When Online, Always Decline!

Unfortunately as many precautions as we take as parents, it is very difficult to shield your children form the infinite access of the internet, especially when visiting friends houses whose parents may not have the same safety restrictions as yours. One thing to make sure that your child knows is to “Never Share Personal Information Online, Especially with strangers.” Teach your child the tagline “When Online, Always Decline!”

 5. Always Say No!

Never Accept any kind of gifts or candy from strangers Politely decline saying “No Thanks!”.
If the person insists, teach your child that this is a sign that something is not right and to quickly find a way to escape the situation or go tell the nearest adult about it.

These are just some strategies I have taught thousands of children through the years, and I hope you have found them useful... PLEASE LIKE US ON FACEBOOK!